Warhammer Quest for Wealth and Glory on Dungeon Adventure

Warhammer Quest for Wealth and Glory on Dungeon Adventure

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The Dungeon Adventures on the Warhammer World.

This is the first game of Warhammer on iOS.

Guide your brave adventurers team in quest for wealth and glory by the dangerous dungeons on the Warhammer World.

It is build based on the tabletop classic game.The Warhammer Quest is addictive combination of strategic game and role playing.

Level up your own group of heroes. You can loot the armours, mysterious artifacts and weapons from the defeated enemies. Beat the Trolls, Goblins, Orcs and more of violent foes.

What are the dangers hidden in darkness? Only the most powerful warrior will remain. Will you?

Game Features:
– iCloud support.
– Extreme dungeon wars with the Goblin, Orcs and many more.
– Explore on the Warhammer World.
– Retina support.
– Additional 6 Heroes now available via IAP.
– Battle the Skaven on huge expansions via IAP.
– More than 40 hours of game-play – including expansions.
– Language support – German, French, Spanish, English and Italian.

The Pocket Tactics RPG of the Year -2013.

You owe it to yourself to check out this excellent hack and slash experience – from Touch Arcade
Replay value is terrific – from Appsmile

Warhammer Quest is a wonderful strategy RPG – from 148 Apps

I’ve been loving what I’ve been playing. You don’t want to miss this. – Brad Nicholson, from the Toucharcade

The Game of the Week – from PocketGamer

What’s New
Version 1.29
Fixed synchronisation issues on iCloud.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad