Unlimited Driving Game with Traffic Racer

Unlimited Driving Game with Traffic Racer

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The Traffic Racer a highlight on the category of unlimited arcade racing. You can drive your chosen car throughout the high-way traffic. While running on the highway you can earn cash and upgrade your favorite car or buy a new one. Be the best and fastest drivers on the world leader-boards.

Unique Features:
– Impressive 3D art and graphics.
– Very realistic and smooth car handling.
– There are 27 various cars for you to choose from.
– There are 4 comprehensive environments: snowy, desert, city night and suburb.
– There are 5 game modes: Free Ride, Endless, Time Trial, Two-Way and Police Chase.
– Do the basic customization by paint and the wheels.
– More than 15 various models for the traffic.
– With leaderboards game center and achievements.
– (for iOS 7) MFi support controller.
– Rich language-support.

– Touch or tilt to use the steer.
– Touch the gas button in order to accelerate.
– Touch the brake button for you to slow down.

Useful Tips
– The faster you drive the higher the scores you will get.
– When the driving speed will go over 100 kmh, bonus scores will be given when you overtake other cars closely.
– When driving on the opposite direction in the two-way mode it gives extra cash and score.

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDMsCNyudpo

Connect with Us
* facebook.com/trafficracergame
* twitter.com/TrafficRacer

What’s New in Version 2.0
The Police Chase
– You have to capture the suspects as a police.
– Beat the scores on the new Leaderbord of the Police Chase.

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