The Ultimate Depiction Of A Realistic Medieval King’s Empire

The Ultimate Depiction Of A Realistic Medieval King’s Empire

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Join with other players worldwide to defeat the enemies and to take control on the territory in King’s Empire.

– Join with millions of users around the world with the game that are loved by players all around even across the 7 seas.

Game Features:

Make allies with the other kingdom and work together to have control and weekly or daily you can win more prizes on the events.

Meet, interact and communicate with other players with the alliance chat and the world chat features.

Customize and build your own empire in order to suit on the style of your play.

Do a research for train units and technologies to defeat completely the enemies.

Take the control and assault with strategic moves on the King’s Empire in order to gain the overall territorial control.

Improve your ability, the technologies and the buildings to develop and enlarge your influence.

It’s about 100 years from the time the empire was devastated by the invaders. Within that century the people on the kingdom are waiting for someone to lead them and to bring back our kingdom into glory. Maybe you are the one we are waiting for. So, take the throne and lead us into greatness, then you will accomplish your destiny.

Gather the resources in order to redevelop our cities. Call up for armies and train them, do research for better technologies and unite with other players or compete with them to vanquish the enemies.

King’s Empire was featured by the Apple many, many times. This game is the mobile’s utmost depiction of strategic medieval setting of multiplayer game.

Take the empire and start your journey from the little township into a great kingdom.

What’s New
– Together with their legendary skills the heroes are coming to Ayres.
– Another deliberate Expedition Battlefield is now about to start. The epic battle between on the 3 different camps is now on.
– There is new bonus system for card to make sure you will get more gems.
– Bugs are fixed.

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