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SwiftKey Keyboard android

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Get the upgrade on the keyboard of your phone- to SwiftKey Keyboard for free. Do more things without unnecessary concern over typing errors.

More than 250 million of people worldwide who are using SwiftKey Keyboard for trouble-free typing.

The SwiftKey Keyboard is using Artificial Intelligence in order to learn your style of writing automatically with the emoji that you like to use and the important words that matters to you. It actually works with predictive text and autocorrect because it is helpful to you.

This application provide you of all the typing styles like themes, design and all kinds of colors. Supported more than 80 languages. Swipe-to-type or tap. A lot of emoji – smileys and emoticons. The emoji predictions on keyboard are learned on how you are using the emoji.

App Features:
– Put an end to typos.
– Type quickly with the A.I. helpful predictions.
– You can simply do the swipe-to-type by the SwiftKey Flow.
– Auto-correction which actually works.
– Learning always your phrases, nicknames and slang.
– More than 70 themes, design and colors.
– Learn and predicts on your favorite emoticons on Emoji keyboard.
– Auto-correct bilingual over 80 different languages.
– From your online accounts, you can teach the autocorrect of your quirks.

Discover more about the SwiftKey features – www.swiftkey.com/en/keyboard/android/

What’s New
– Improves Performance for more responsive and quick typing.
– Less crashes- improve on stability.
– Bugs are fixed.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android