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Ookla Speedtest is being used for easy and one tap testing of your internet connection in just a matter of 30 seconds. An accurate way to check your connection speed anywhere with our global networks.

There are millions of different users that made the Ookla Speedtest as the number 1 app in checking the Internet speeds. It is trusted daily by most professionals all throughout the industry.

– Determine your download speed, ping and upload speed.
– See the real-time graphs to give consistency of the connection consistency
– Troubleshoot and Check the speed that you were promised by.
– Monitor the past tests with a detailed reporting.
– Easy way to share the results.

What’s New for Android
On this release it contains improvements and bugs are fixed.
Moreover, the ability to view the result on the map from the detail view was removed. Using Google Maps are now required to ask additional consent from the entire user and also to those who are not using these features. To those who rely to this feature, we are seeking for the immediate solution to fix this matter.

What’s New in Version 3.4.0 for iOs
On this release it supports the iOS 8 and the issues related to it are now resolved. The WiFi SSID and the mobile connection sort on the saved results can be viewed.

If you trust the Speedtest to check your issues on your connection and to keep your internet service provider their honesty, we will be glad if you will give us your comments and feedback on the App Store. Thank you and happy checking.

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