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Enjoy with the fun and fast conversation on your phone. Snap a video or a photo and write a caption then send it to your friend. They can see it, laugh at it, then it will just disappear from your screen or else they will take a screen shot of it.

You can share your day to all of your friends by adding the Snap to your Story in just a one tap.

When both of friends are present, there would be great conversations. That’s why you will be notified when your friends are here on your Snapchat in order for you to give attendance to them. You can have a chat face-to-face when both of you are Here, just press and hold to share the live video.

Have Fun Snapping.

Note: Even though the Chats, Stories and Snaps are being deleted from the servers after they are gone, we can’t avoid receivers in saving and capturing the messages by using the image capture device or having a screenshot.

What’s New
Discover is now introduced. It is located one swipe behind the Stories. It is an enjoyable way on the exploration of Snaps from various editorial viewpoints. Swipe to the left in order to skim through Snaps, just tap to open the channel, and to learn more just swipe-up on the Snap. Underneath each top Snap are amazing long forms of articles and videos.

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