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Say “hi” to your family and friends with a message, call or video call instantly on Skype and it’s only for free. Join with the millions of Skype user today in order to keep in touch with people who matter most to you. There is much more you can do, directly from your hands.

App Features:

– Search your family and friends instantly. Over 250 million of people are using Skype. You are bind to bump in to somebody you know.
– Communicate with the fingers of your hands. Wherever you are, your family and friends are just at your fingertips with the free instant-messaging of Skype.
– From Skype you can call anybody on your contacts – You can talk what is on your heart with the free-voice or video calls to all of your family and friends.
– Super low cost of calls to landlines and mobiles. Stay in touch with everybody even they are not in Skype. With the low cost of SMS and calls to mobiles devices and landlines you can reach them beyond the other side of town or around the world.
– You can share your favorite snaps. Do you want to share your favorite photo? You can send it over the Skype to your family and friends. You will not worry about the size of your mail or the expensive charges of MMS.
– Talk and chat with anybody and anywhere. Skype is available on tablets, smartphones, Mac, PCs and also on TVs. Any devices of your family and friends may use the Skype is just working.
– Video-messaging: Record your life’s day-to-day moments and you can share them with someone that matters you the most. Enjoy the unlimited and free video-messaging on Skype.

* The operator’s data charges may be applicable. We recommend you to use the unlimited data plan or a WiFi connection.

What’s New
You can send photos to family and friends even if they are in offline mode.
Bugs are fixed and there are improvements.

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