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Mailbox App


Faster, enjoyable mobile inbox which settle the emails properly.

Reminder: Accounts are currently for iCloud and Gmail. All other email programs are still on development.

Mailbox App is complete and it is designed to make the inbox faster, lighter and more user-friendly. Actively move messages to trash or to your archives. There is a chat like organization that scans the entire conversation at one. Snooze received emails until you tap the button later. Messages will automatically return to your inbox and let your attention focus on what is important for now.

This updated Mailbox examines your email accurately from the cloud and it will be delivered securely to your phone. The Mailbox is responding from your snoozes and swipes in order to automate familiar actions with Auto-swipe. Conversations you likely doesn’t care about will be put to silent and will only snooze the messages from your friends to this night, and all of your receipts be routed out automatically into a list.

Delight yourself with Mailbox user-friendly interface and has smart and useful features for you. Give yourself an experience of a clean message inbox and surely you will love it more.

What’s New in Version 2.4.1 for iOs
– Improved performance and fixes the bugs.

What’s New for Android
– A support for accounts on DFB
– Support on Tablets
– Badging for Samsung devices

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android