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LokLok: Connected Lock Screen

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LokLok: Connected Lock Screen will allow you to connect to the important people around you directly on your lock screen. You can leave creative notes, photos, and drawings so that they will see it when they turn on their mobile phones.

How It Looks
LokLok will replace the standard screen lock of your phone with the allocate whiteboard and always in sync with you and someone that you are connected to.

Make a group with two or more persons. When someone has to change his/her screen lock, everybody in the group will automatically be updated also.

Why it is so cool?
– Get your mobile phone and begin to draw without unlocking your phone.
– Leave your notes for them, when they grab their phone – surely your note will be the first thing they will see.
– Use with your special someone or with a group of closest friends and keep connected with them all day long.
– Erase what is on it and draw another one. It’s like working on the whiteboard.
– Take a photo in order to put on the phone screen of your friend and draw over the photos they take
– It works amazingly on tablets as a widget.
– You can share your best work on social networks.
– Search your friends on Facebook and on your contacts or it could be privately.
– Once you erase the thing it’s gone, there is no saved history.

Help us to improve LokLok and we are inviting you to become a Beta tester. Send to us your suggestions and comments – feedback@loklok.co.

FAQs -http://loklok.co/faq/

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