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Facebook Messenger for Mobile

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Reach the people around you for free – instantly. Facebook messenger is like text messaging yet you are not required to pay for the messages you sent.

Not only for your Facebook friends but you can send a message to the people in your phonebook. Just enter their phone number and add as a new contact.

Group chatting – You can create groups for the individuals you connect the most. Have them named, set a group images and be sure to keep them in only one place.

Images and videos – Create videos and capture selfies or any other kind of photos directly from the messenger and send them in one touch.

Calls are Free – You can talk all you want even with the people around the world. Free calls with Wi-Fi or other data charges may apply.

More other ways to message:

Make your conversations lively with message stickers.
You can preview your videos and photos with-out leaving on the conversation, and then select the best one to send.
Just record your voice to a voice message and sent it if you have more to say.

More Features:

Identify your message when the receiver have seen it.
Messages and photos can be forwarded to the people who are not in the conversation.
Search for the people or groups faster in order to get them.
Just turn on the location for the people to know where you are.
See who is active and available on Facebook.
Put the notification in off mode when you are need a break, sleeping or working.
Keep logged in so that you will never miss a thing.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android