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Do you have no enough time to enjoy for the books you wanted? Listen to the books you want on the go with the Audible for android from the Amazon Company.
Download it from the breath-taking variation of more than 150,000 titles to your mobile device. Then plunge yourself with the amazing storyline anywhere and anytime from the classics to the best sellers or anything that comes between the two.
With Audible for Android you can listen up to a nice book even you cannot have the thing on your hands. Just pick up your phone, turn it on and enjoy listening at the gym, at home or at the office, while folding your laundry or anytime that your hands and eyes are busy.

App Features:

– Move the books to your mobile device through Wi-Fi connection.
– This Audiobook has a bookmarking, variable narration speed, button-free mode, sleep mode, and navigation chapter.
– Multitasking is possible for downloading while listening.
– You can switch the reading and listening by the Whispersync for Voice -compatible for required Kindle devices.
– You can access on the Audible store for more audiobooks purchase.
– Keep record of your habits on listening and audiobook achievements; Earn some badges.
– Know the inside details about the events, author and many more from the Newsfeed of Audible.
Listening to Audible is a time well spent. For free audiobook app and to discover a better way to use your mobile device, download it now.

What’s New

New permissions for update requests:
-Read the contacts: Share new functionality on a limited beta. Sign up for OneBook and learn more of it : www.audible.com/mt/OneBook-Waitlist
– Audio Recording: Using the voice commands you can control the audio playback.

Latest features:

– Review and rate the audio-books.
– New recommendations on the narrator, book series and the author.
– Easy access to the search results of the Audible store.
– Using the voice commands in the free mode button, you can control hands-free the playback.

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