Show Your Stealthy Moves To Be The King of Thieves

Show Your Stealthy Moves To Be The King of Thieves

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Avoid the traps and take the gold of other players on this one of a kind mix of PVP multi-player and plat-former game.

From the outstanding creator of the award winning game “Cut the Rope” that are enjoyed by millions of users around the world, now unveiling the “King of Thieves”.

Steal Those Shiny Things
Gather more gold and also gems from all other players in order to be the richest thief of the world.

Protect Your Stolen Properties
Plan your own dungeons and keep watching other thieves to get into your traps. Whahaha!!

Claim The Dominion
Join the competition with other users around the world. Strive to leave your opponent below of the leader-boards.

Be Clever
Make new attire for your character. Most of the skillful thieves should always be look so cool and fashionable.

Explore and Travel
Try and prove your agility on diving to the underground place of player created content and by the 80 levels of single mode.

Join The Guild Or You Can Create Your Own.
Look for reliable allies in order to fight against the hostile groups of other thieves.

Join with the group, check the recent news and find friends:

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