Satisfy Your Monster Slaying Impluses in Knightmare Tower

Satisfy Your Monster Slaying Impluses in Knightmare Tower

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Shatter through the ceilings, save the princesses and try to escape from the boiling hot lava as you sweep your way to the highest point of the Knightmare Tower.

• “The Knightmare Tower game hooked me for more than hours, and I have to force my own self to stop playing” –
• “There were triple-A, a $60 games which pale in the comparison for the enjoyment that we got from the Knightmare Tower” –
• “It is easy to play and could be bizarrely addictive” –
• “This is one of few games that will be equally in home on App Store or even in Xbox Live Arcade” –

– Modes : Survival and Campaign modes.
– Ten princesses to be rescued, all the daughters of the King.
– Lots of upgrades, even the visual changes of swords, boots and armors.
– One epic – boss battle.
– 70 quests need to be completed.
– 50-plus of diverse monsters to beat up.
– 3 of legendary monsters that can only be summoned up with the special horns.
– Huge bombs that can blow apart every monsters.
– Potions that can make you as super strong.
– Rockets that are rideable.
– Game soundtrack was done by HyperDuck Soundworks.
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What’s New for Android
– Performance problems are fixed on some of recent devices.

What’s New in Version 1.3.3 for iOs
– Bugs are fixed in Survival mode.
Note: This game is not supported with iPod 3&4, iPhone 3GS and iPad 1, they do not have enough memory or gyroscope.

Only $2.99 for iOs

Only $2.99 for Android