A Recording Studio on Your Phone with GarageBand iOs App

A Recording Studio on Your Phone with GarageBand iOs App

The GarageBand will likely change your iOs devices to a recording studio of different instruments – and make your own music wherever you go. Gently apply multi touch movements to play guitar, organ, drums and piano. They all resonate as the actual instrument but you can experience the extraordinary thing more than your real instruments could do. Select and enjoy your favorite instruments and go loud as a pro, though you never played it right before. You can plug-in a guitar into your device and make a sound with classic amps together with the effects of stompbox. You can also utilize a Touch instrument and a ready built-in microphone plus an electric guitar, then rock ‘en roll and record your performance even up to 32 single tracks. You can also record your productionwith a 3rd party effect and music right into GarageBand app with audio inter-app from iOs8. When it is finished, you can share the song on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Airdrop using your email.

GarageBand App on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a Musical Instrument
• With the creative Multi-Touch keys you can play different musical instruments.
• Tap the beats with electronic and acoustic drum kits.
• Voice recording is not impossible with the built-in microphone plus fun sound effects.
• Regenerate traditional guitar rigs on 10 stompbox and 9 amps results.
• The Sampler will enable you to generate new instruments from the sounds you saved and you can play them on keyboard.
• Using Inter-App Audio, you can record a related third-party music application directly on GarageBand.

Make a Sound like a Pro together with Smart Instruments
• Control the whole string orchestra in just 1 finger with the Smart String.
• Tap out chords to make keyboard channel using Smart Keyboard.
• Strum the chords on electric and acoustic Smart Guitar.
• Groove a different Smart Basses with electric, synth and upright sounds.
• With Smart Drums you can drag the instruments to a grid in order to make your ideal beats.

Enjoy a Jam Session with Your Buddies
• With your iOs Device, record or play live using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi up to 3 of your friends.
• The bandleader will sync the key, time signature, tempo and chords.
• The recording of everybody will be collected by the bandleader to be mixed as a great song.

Produce a Song Wherever You Go
• Using Touch Instruments – loops and recordings you can arrange and mix your own songs even up to 32 tracks.
• To adjust recordings use the Note Editor.
• You can place and trim musical areas rightly on the place you want them to play.
• 250 prerecorded loops to choose over as a backing band to the songs.

Share Every Songs
• GarageBand songs must be up-to-date with iCloud drive.
• You can make alerts and ringtones iOs devices.
• Share every songs to YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook.
• E-mail your songs directly from GarageBand iOs App.
• Your songs can be exported to iTunes library on PC or Mac.
• GarageBand projects can be shared between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with AirDrop.

Only $4.99 for iOs
Only $4.99 for Mac


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