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Services We Offer:
– Improved App Ranking
– Ratings and Reviews
– Market Research
– Descriptive App Title
– Keyword Research for App
– Choose Category
– Detailed App Description
– App Screenshots

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What is the App Store Optimization or ASO?

This is an operation to optimize your apps to be position to a higher rank in the search panel of the app store or play store. The higher your app ranks the more chance it will be visible for users in the app store’s search results. That increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

The purpose of this process is to convince the user to download your app by providing more traffic to app in the play store and app store.

Why it is Very Essential?

Approximately, 63% of the apps are can be found by the searches done in app store – according to Forrester. That’s why to be visible on the top of search results in the app store is the primary technique in order to discover your new applications.

You will missed out the most important way to discover your app if you are not using the App Store Optimization approach to improve your search ranking of your apps.

Here are the Things We Do For You

Appandaway help you understand the value of new techniques and research on the beginning of the ASO procedure. We will do some improvements to your app details including the title name and description to maximize the chances to rank on the search results of the App Store and let’s see what will happen next.

The Most Important Factors to Consider on ASO:

The Title of Your App –

The app title instantly tells the user what your app is all about. This is the basic part of doing ASO. When the users fail to identify what does your app is all about, then they will move to the other. There are only 255 available characters for the title of your app. You can use the allowed space to completely describe your app. Some developers will just put every keyword on the title, it’s very long – that is called keyword stuffing but it doesn’t make sense at all. A title that looks like a spam can turn off the users.

The App Description

Everything about your app can be put into details here. To make a user to have a glance on your description, it is likely leading them to view your website. On this particular period the user have interests in your app and thinking about to download your app or not. That’s why it is necessary to include all your unique features and details to lay a good expectation that the viewer may download your app. The app description must be unique, simple but complete and more importantly it describes best what your app is all about.

App Screenshots –

This is to display everything about your app. Screenshots are helpful to present clearly the functionality of your app while giving them the outstanding part of your app. Be sure to utilize every area for your screenshots with selected images. It is better to add some text to label what is in display. Images convey a thousand words, so it is essential to make the best out of the screenshot space.

The Keywords for Your App –

Know what are the user is looking for. You have only 100 characters to be used for your keywords. You need to choose the best keywords to direct your app. In picking the right keywords, you have to fully understand about your competitors, the target markets and the popular search phrases. All of them are in constant change and it require a regular monitoring to stay on higher position of keyword selection.
In order to select the best keywords, we use the related information from the App Store. Avoid those long keywords and those that are in general form. There are helpful tools like keyword planners to help you to determine the keywords most typed-in, but sometimes they are only using the data from search engines web search and not to the search panel of App Store. We integrate our data results from the App Store in doing the procedure.

Choose Category –

Choosing the desired category is a decisive thing to do whether it is a primary category or secondary one. The best category will get you on top of other qualified users, while poor or wrong category will ruin the identity of your app.

Ratings and Reviews –

Be aware of the feedback and compliments of the user. This is what the users are saying about to your application. Ratings and Reviews are crucial in doing the ASO. When your app is properly optimized on-page, approximately 30 percent of the result is based on its reviews and ratings.

The research data for your app will be delivered to you.