Fruit Ninja Free the Juicy Action Slicing Game

Fruit Ninja Free the Juicy Action Slicing Game

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Play with the Fruit Ninja Free like you never did before. From the ground up this original legendary slicing-game was rebuilt and the newly fresh characters and game-play keep fans alike.

The biggest improvement to Fruit Ninja Game since its launch the unique effects of all the Dojos and Blades on the game-play. Do you want a Great Wave of 10 fruits? Or a bouncing clouds in order not drop any fruits? How about the epic combos by the swirling tornado? Learn and observe all the powers, match and combine your gears and find out what works best for you.

Join the action with the new characters of the amazing-world of Fruitasia! Mari together with Katsuro will teach you from the start of the game and guide you as you level up from novice bruiser of fruits into as all out slicing-machine.

Slice all the fruits but do not touch the bombs – that is the only thing you need to remember and then you can now plunge into the addictive action of Fruit Ninja. You can also explore and learn the nuances of the Classic, the Zen and the Arcade mode to make you even skillful. Do slicing for a high score – you can use the special bananas and power-ups to maximum effects. Just go crazy with the multiple slice of Pomegranate.

There’s nothing been a better times in playing Fruit Ninja – draw your sword to see the new features in the game and start it all. This can only be a beginning – we cannot wait for everybody to join with us.


This fun game includes optional in app purchase. But you can disable this function on the settings menu of your mobile device.

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