Fast and Easy Video Editing on Videoshop – Video Editor

Fast and Easy Video Editing on Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop - Video Editor app image

With Videoshop – Video Editor, you can easily edit your videos with the fast editing tools, filters and many other useful effects to personalize your own videos.

App Features:

– Cut the unnecessary parts.
– Add from your iPod or Videoshop library.
Sound effects
– Select from the animals sounds, farts, explosions, noises, Vine quotes, laughter and many more.
Slow-mo or Fast
– You can adjust the video speed for faster or lower.
Adjust Display
– Change saturation, contrast, brightness, and others.
– Multiple clips can be combined to one.
– Write your text with different fonts and various colors.
Voice overs
– You can record your own voice.
Animated titles
– Introduce with animated titles on your videos.
– Enhance your videos by choosing on some Instagram-inspired filters.
– With 10 transitions it allows you to animate between video clips.
– Easy creation of slideshows.
Stop Motion
– Make some Vine videos with the stop motion recording.
– Resize your videos fitted on the video frames.
– Reverse video playback.
– Duplicate video clips.
High resolution videos
– Supports up to 720p.
– Share on Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Vine, Email, Facebook and Vimeo.

Note: Videoshop is compatible with iOS devices only. Other videos platforms can cause crashes and instability.
Adding too many amount of effects and contents may overwork the processing power of your phone, so let it done moderately.


What’s New in Version 4.3
Major Upgrades:
1. 2 New Filters – Heat Vision and Night Vision Goggles.
2. Extended length of Vine video to 6.5 seconds.

Only $1.99 on App Store for iOS