Extend the Adventure : Walking Dead – 400 Days Now on iOs

Extend the Adventure : Walking Dead – 400 Days Now on iOs

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You can Download the new episode of the series “The Walking Dead” which is “400 Days” that is AVAILABLE NOW!!


Compatible with and iPhone 4 ++ and iPad 2 ++ (it will not work on devices with earlier versions)

Mtv Geek –– ‘One Hell of a Ride’
Joystiq  –– ‘Narrative Mastery’
Digital Trends  –– 10 out of 10 – ‘Just play it’

This notable episode in the season 1 of “The Walking Dead” talk about the 5 connected storyline of survival focuses on the highway of Georgia on a truck stop.

“400 Days” episode shows mostly on horror and drama as an award-winning series by Robert Kirkman and Telltale.

  • Play the “400 Days” – The one of a kind game after your app purchase.
  • Ensure first the “Walking Dead” app installation before to download the 400 Days on your iOs devices.1.After launching the “Walking Dead” Game app then chose “Episode”’ on the menu and select to purchase any of the episodes 2 to 5 and 400 Days, when you refuse that offer, you can chose the “buy” alternative next to the 400 Days. Select “Get” option when you buy the multi pack.2. “400 Days” will automatically be downloaded to your device once you choose to “Get” and confirmed your transaction. When the download is complete it shows “Installed”.
  • After the successful installation, you can hit “Back” and select “Play” to get it started.

– This game is based the award winning book series of Robert Kirkman. It enables the user to encounter a true drama and horror of zombie apocalypse. Moreover, the art and everything are inspired originally from the book. You are likely living out the true happening and like on the actual places and people of the Walking Dead stories.

-An adapted game experiences – your decisions and actions will definitely influence how your play will do on the entire story.

-Rapid action: You will be required to generate difficult actions not only that but you also have to make quick decisions. You will be running out of time when the corpses are striking the door down.

-Thrilling adventure within the five linked episodes with a special one the “400 Days”. The game comprise of immediate decision making, finding solution to the problem, wide exploration and a continual battle of survival in the place govern by the living dead.


1: A New Day
2: Starved For Help
3: Long Road Ahead
4: Around Every Corner
5: No Time Left
6: 400 Days (AVAILABLE NOW)

Walking Dead iOs App

Only $4.99


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