Drop Your Files to Acces Anywhere on Dropbox

Drop Your Files to Acces Anywhere on Dropbox

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Dropbox allow you to access all your files, photos, videos and other documents anywhere and to share them so easy. You can access the files you saved to the Dropbox directly from all PC, android smartphone, iPad, iPhone, and also to the web. Using Dropbox app you will always keep your important things and memories that matters to you to keep you going on.

App Features:
– Access your important files, docs, videos and photos directly from any of your devices.
– A 2 Gigabytes of space is given FREE after you sign up.
– No need for attachment just to share a link even to your biggest files.
– For Fast access offline, just add your files to “Favorites”.

With Dropbox app you can save and share different files and documents in just a snap. If something wrong happened to your PC or other devices such as mobile phone, your files are always keep in safe on Dropbox.

Whats New for Android?
New in version
– Open the Dropbox links rightly in the app in order to preview and to save.
– Take the actions from the system’s notifications in order to save the device downloads to Dropbox or to quickly share the uploads.
– Add files from SD card directly to Dropbox.
New in version
– Can edit and save the Office documents put them back to Dropbox.

Free Download on for Android

What’s New in Version 3.7 for iOs
– There is new Action Extension only for iOs 8: can save files directly to your Dropbox from your other apps.
– Get the better experience in receiving the shared links on your iPhone – when you visit a link, the supported file will then show the options in to “Open in app” that will take you to your Dropbox.
– Flaws are fixed and there are improvements on deleting and moving the files, exporting and printing, protected files and RTF previews.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

For the terms of service visit www.dropbox.com/terms.