Develop your Kingdom and be Triumphant on Kingdom Clash

Develop your Kingdom and be Triumphant on Kingdom Clash

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Vanquish all your foes and extend the scope of your Throne on thisfree strategy game.

Direct your armies and protect it against other players and attack those evil forces that are sent by the king of Iron Swarm.

Govern your Empire, develop your troops and equip the stronghold of your castle with various special weapons.

Game Features:

– Defeat all your enemies with the Watchtowers, Lighting Cannons and Fireball Catapults.

– Fight the other players worldwide for the kingdom’s glory and for more treasures.

– Develop the ultimate fantasy TD stronghold in order to conquer all your enemies.

– Take hold on MMO features astroop donation to expand the area of the kingdom and the real-time chat.

– Join the elite alliances to vanquish the enemies together. Forge your alliances of players in order to reign over your foes.

Important note: Kingdom Clash is applicable to an online action only. Your mobile device should have an internet connection to enjoy the game.
What’s New

The alliance
Alliance battle: Secure your Alliance against to the others for Gems and Glory.
Begin with an Alliance War and under the global tab and win as many fight as you can for 12 hours.

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