Create Your World on the Go With Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Create Your World on the Go With Minecraft – Pocket Edition

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Try to play the new major update on Minecraft – Pocket Edition. A renovation on Minecraft generation. See it for yourself – download it now!
Minecraft game is all about putting blocks in order to build things while having adventures.
This Pocket Edition contain creative modes and survival, infinite worlds, new biomes, mobs, caves, villages and many more. Have multiplayer option through a local Wi-Fi connection. You can craft, explore and build anywhere around as long as your fingers are available and a long battery to burn out.
There is always a better moment to enjoy your Minecraft anywhere.
This is a Universal App. Just pay only once and play on anytime anywhere with your mobile devices.

What’s New
0.10 – Faster, less buggier and prettier.

We have improved all the graphics and increase the performance level. We have no option but to kill off the heaps of bugs all in one major update. Baby animals will not sink when they are trying to swim. Do the update and enjoy the fun.

– Loads of bug are fixed.
– Additional watery-looking water.
– More foggy-looking fog.
– More particles than ever before.
– Tinted-lighting on mobs and terrain.
– Performance are improved on many mobile devices.
– More fence gates. More fences. Everybody loves fences.
– Gold mines at the Mesa biomes. Be rich immediately.
– Baby animals will not sink when they swim.
– You can play both during the day and night the Creative Mode.
– Added more cool stuffs and you have to discover it for yourself.

Only $6.99 on App Store

Only ₱343.98 on Play Store