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Faster, enjoyable mobile inbox which settle the emails properly.

Reminder: Accounts are currently for iCloud and Gmail. All other email programs are still on development.

Mailbox App is complete and it is designed to make the inbox faster, lighter and more user-friendly. Actively move messages to trash or to your archives. There is a chat like organization that scans the entire conversation at one. Snooze received emails until you tap the button later. Messages will automatically return to your inbox and let your attention focus on what is important for now.

This updated Mailbox examines your email accurately from the cloud and it will be delivered securely to your phone. The Mailbox is responding from your snoozes and swipes in order to automate familiar actions with Auto-swipe. Conversations you likely doesn’t care about will be put to silent and will only snooze the messages from your friends to this night, and all of your receipts be routed out automatically into a list.

Delight yourself with Mailbox user-friendly interface and has smart and useful features for you. Give yourself an experience of a clean message inbox and surely you will love it more.

What’s New in Version 2.4.1 for iOs
– Improved performance and fixes the bugs.

What’s New for Android
– A support for accounts on DFB
– Support on Tablets
– Badging for Samsung devices

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Viber app is all about a new level of communication. You can call or text, choose your own way to connect. All you need is a network or mobile connection, then you can communicate to around 500 million people on the network.

With this messaging app Viber, everybody around the world can freely interact with each other. Viber users can send text messages, create HD quality video calls and phone calls. Sending photos and also video messaging are for free. Viber Out could be used to make some calls to non-Viber phones and low rates for mobile numbers. Viber is now available for many iOs and smartphones programs.

Using Viber, your own phone number is your personal ID. This messaging app will then syncs on your phone contact lists and automatically identify your contacts who are also a Viber user.

– Send texts to your friends.
– Free HD sound quality video calls and phone calls.
– Share voice messages, photos, locations, videos, emoticons and stickers.
– You can create Groups messages up to 100 contacts.
– Following Public Chats – by getting on the inside of your favorite celebrities, preferred brands and personalities. You can see their conversations in real-time basis. You can interact too, sharing multi-media content, comment participation and liking.
– Available stickers for download from Sticker Market in order to make messaging more enjoyable.
– There is a push notifications that enable you not to miss a single call or a message, even so when the Viber is off.
– Support for Viber Desktop app on Linux, Mac and Windows and Windows 8.
Definite locality to: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (SP), Chinese (TR), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Viber is completely free without advertisements.
We focus to value your own privacy.

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The Temple Run as a divergent mobile app gaming. Currently getting much of the thrilling experience of running, sliding, jumping and turning that surely you will love in the Temple Run 2.

Explore the dangerous cliffs, risky zip lines, unsafe forest and mines as you’re trying to flee having the cursed idol! How far could you go?

This addictive Temple Run is even better as the Temple Run 2 now available for Android. Most of your friends are enjoying it – try and beat off their high scores.

You have taken the cursed idol off from the temple. You have to run faster as you can for your life in order to break free from the Evil Demon Monkeys nibbling you behind. Prove your reflex responses as you run going down on the ancient temple walls along perilous cliffs. Just swipe to jump, slide, and turn in order to overcome obstacles. Collect the coins and purchase power ups. You can unlock other new characters and try them to see how far you can go!

Temple Run has the scene like in the adventure movies, that the hero was finally obtain the treasures on his hands but needs to get out to a maze of dangerous traps. It’s thrilling and amazing.

– Improved new graphics.
– Beautiful new animate environments.
– Challenging obstacles.
– More additional power ups.
– Many things to achieve.
– Every character has a special powers.
– Gigantic monkey!

What’s New in Version 1.14 for iOs?
You can gather all the artifacts of St. Patrick’s Day in order to open St. Patrick’s Day exclusive hat.
Go with the luck of the Irish and then collect all 4 leaf clovers before they’re gone.


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Flixter Movie App for Android and iPhone

Flixster is another movie app that provides important advantages compare to other related movie apps as in Rotten Tomatoes rating and other social media integration. This is not just an ordinary movie and theater details application, even like the others it has the list of movies with the ratings and storylines and the time of shows on theater.

Flixster movie app is a well-designed and comprehensible app that gets you efficiently all the necessary information you want to do your movie shows decisions with the easy tickets purchase. Moreover, it allows you to watch movies directly on the app if you’ve purchase it or you have it already on your collections on UltraViolet.


Movies all you want by Flixster. The best movie app for trailers, showtimes and reviews.
– Easy to download.
– Once featured in Essentials Hall of Fame in the App Store by Apple.
– The best app showtime for iPhone

1. Navigate on the top box-office shows and coming soon movies.
2. Browse for showtimes on the theaters near you then you can buy tickets (to those participating movie theaters)
3. Obtain different reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes.
4. View high-quality trailers.
5. Download your favorite movies and you can also stream or access TV shows with your UltraViolet collections. Selected titles are supported by HD playback.
6. On Chromecast you ca watch your UltraViolet collections. Most titles are supported by HD playback.
7. Make your very own list “Want to See” with ratings and movie reviews.
8. Your Netflix queue could also be viewed and managed.

New Features in Version 7.0

– Confirmed latest movies will appear in the fresh icon movie listings.
– Photos are optimized to iPhone 6 and plus.
– Better details pages on theater.
– Bugs are fixed.

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Game Description

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game where you can start from raging Barbarians with delightful beard to incendiary wizards. Build your own clan and march your army to victory. Raise a village to defend every marauder, fight over the other millions of users online and produce a stronger clan together with others to defeat enemy clans.

PLEASE NOTIFY: The Clash of Clans is downloadable and free, yet there are selected items in which you need to purchase them. This feature can be disregard when you set up a password protection for your purchases in Google settings Play Store App. You must be a 13 years old at least before you can download and play – under the Terms, Privacy Policy and Services of Clash of Clans.

Required a stable internet connection.

Outstanding FEATURES
● Construct your villages for strong and unstoppable fortress.
● Create your own force of Barbarians, Hog Riders, Dragons, Archers,  Wizards, and other powerful fighters.
● Battle with different users around the world and lay hold of their Trophies.
● Ultimate Clan is possible when you join to other players.
● Battle against competing clans on epic clan wars.
● Raise different and unique 18 units with several levels of upgrades.
● Develop your strongest attacking troops from various combinations of armies, Heroes, Clans and spells reinforcements.
● Protect your village by a number of Cannons, Towers, Bombs, Walls, Traps and Mortars.
● Battle in the campaign by the realm against the Goblin King.

New Features on Clash of Clans Game

Level Up the Clans!!
– You can earn prestige, fancy badges and perks when the clan is leveling up.
– The Cannon packs level 13 can take and punch more damages.
– Your Clan can have a full control of battle with Clan Wars Opt-in and Opt-out.
– Modify your badge with Clan badge editor.

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The GarageBand will likely change your iOs devices to a recording studio of different instruments – and make your own music wherever you go. Gently apply multi touch movements to play guitar, organ, drums and piano. They all resonate as the actual instrument but you can experience the extraordinary thing more than your real instruments could do. Select and enjoy your favorite instruments and go loud as a pro, though you never played it right before. You can plug-in a guitar into your device and make a sound with classic amps together with the effects of stompbox. You can also utilize a Touch instrument and a ready built-in microphone plus an electric guitar, then rock ‘en roll and record your performance even up to 32 single tracks. You can also record your productionwith a 3rd party effect and music right into GarageBand app with audio inter-app from iOs8. When it is finished, you can share the song on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Airdrop using your email.

GarageBand App on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a Musical Instrument
• With the creative Multi-Touch keys you can play different musical instruments.
• Tap the beats with electronic and acoustic drum kits.
• Voice recording is not impossible with the built-in microphone plus fun sound effects.
• Regenerate traditional guitar rigs on 10 stompbox and 9 amps results.
• The Sampler will enable you to generate new instruments from the sounds you saved and you can play them on keyboard.
• Using Inter-App Audio, you can record a related third-party music application directly on GarageBand.

Make a Sound like a Pro together with Smart Instruments
• Control the whole string orchestra in just 1 finger with the Smart String.
• Tap out chords to make keyboard channel using Smart Keyboard.
• Strum the chords on electric and acoustic Smart Guitar.
• Groove a different Smart Basses with electric, synth and upright sounds.
• With Smart Drums you can drag the instruments to a grid in order to make your ideal beats.

Enjoy a Jam Session with Your Buddies
• With your iOs Device, record or play live using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi up to 3 of your friends.
• The bandleader will sync the key, time signature, tempo and chords.
• The recording of everybody will be collected by the bandleader to be mixed as a great song.

Produce a Song Wherever You Go
• Using Touch Instruments – loops and recordings you can arrange and mix your own songs even up to 32 tracks.
• To adjust recordings use the Note Editor.
• You can place and trim musical areas rightly on the place you want them to play.
• 250 prerecorded loops to choose over as a backing band to the songs.

Share Every Songs
• GarageBand songs must be up-to-date with iCloud drive.
• You can make alerts and ringtones iOs devices.
• Share every songs to YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook.
• E-mail your songs directly from GarageBand iOs App.
• Your songs can be exported to iTunes library on PC or Mac.
• GarageBand projects can be shared between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with AirDrop.

Only $4.99 for iOs
Only $4.99 for Mac

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The Google Maps, that was readily available on every iPhones before, is presently a downloadable application that needs to be installed on your phone – and you must. This Google Maps is widely used and was evidently known to give results more precise than iPhones’ map app. In which you can go round about in any directions whether by foot, with your car or even in a public transport. The Google Maps, can monitor the travel duration and distance and you can access easily whether you are in work, school or at home with your Google account. It has the ability to twirl the map when you press your two fingers on the screen and turning them.

Google Maps iPhone

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