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Enjoy with the fun and fast conversation on your phone. Snap a video or a photo and write a caption then send it to your friend. They can see it, laugh at it, then it will just disappear from your screen or else they will take a screen shot of it.

You can share your day to all of your friends by adding the Snap to your Story in just a one tap.

When both of friends are present, there would be great conversations. That’s why you will be notified when your friends are here on your Snapchat in order for you to give attendance to them. You can have a chat face-to-face when both of you are Here, just press and hold to share the live video.

Have Fun Snapping.

Note: Even though the Chats, Stories and Snaps are being deleted from the servers after they are gone, we can’t avoid receivers in saving and capturing the messages by using the image capture device or having a screenshot.

What’s New
Discover is now introduced. It is located one swipe behind the Stories. It is an enjoyable way on the exploration of Snaps from various editorial viewpoints. Swipe to the left in order to skim through Snaps, just tap to open the channel, and to learn more just swipe-up on the Snap. Underneath each top Snap are amazing long forms of articles and videos.

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SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji app image

Get the upgrade on the keyboard of your phone- to SwiftKey Keyboard for free. Do more things without unnecessary concern over typing errors.

More than 250 million of people worldwide who are using SwiftKey Keyboard for trouble-free typing.

The SwiftKey Keyboard is using Artificial Intelligence in order to learn your style of writing automatically with the emoji that you like to use and the important words that matters to you. It actually works with predictive text and autocorrect because it is helpful to you.

This application provide you of all the typing styles like themes, design and all kinds of colors. Supported more than 80 languages. Swipe-to-type or tap. A lot of emoji – smileys and emoticons. The emoji predictions on keyboard are learned on how you are using the emoji.

App Features:
– Put an end to typos.
– Type quickly with the A.I. helpful predictions.
– You can simply do the swipe-to-type by the SwiftKey Flow.
– Auto-correction which actually works.
– Learning always your phrases, nicknames and slang.
– More than 70 themes, design and colors.
– Learn and predicts on your favorite emoticons on Emoji keyboard.
– Auto-correct bilingual over 80 different languages.
– From your online accounts, you can teach the autocorrect of your quirks.

Discover more about the SwiftKey features – www.swiftkey.com/en/keyboard/android/

What’s New
– Improves Performance for more responsive and quick typing.
– Less crashes- improve on stability.
– Bugs are fixed.

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Instapaper app image

Instapaper app – the very simple way to compile and save the articles you want to read off-line – on the go, anywhere, anytime and are formatted completely.
Instapaper for iOs and Android allows the tablet or any mobile devices optimized with text notions that allow you to read the contents on the internet on a clear uncluttered reading experience. You can read offline, on the road, elevetors, even on airplanes without network connections.

Central Features:
– Web pages will be saved as a text only. The full sized layout are stripped away the to improved viewing on screens of your tablet and mobile phone.
– The reading environment are without distractions in order for you to concentrate on the content of what you are reading.
– All you have downloaded are then available OFFLINE. Then you can enjoy reading wherever you go and anytime you wanted to.

Additional Features:
– Tablet interface are optimized.
– Line Spacing, text sizes, margins and fonts are adjustable.
– Brightness control on reading at night and dark mode.
– Unread items can be sorted out by date, popularity and article length. They can be shuffled also.
– Create folders to organize.
– You can share through any app or web browser that support sharing.
– Lock rotation.
– You can store articles as many as you can on the Instapaper website and you can download on your phone up to 500 articles.
– Wikipedia and dictionary look up for definition.
– Page flipping and tilt scrolling.
– You can view the links on the browser without leaving on the app.
– You can search on in-app purchase.

What’s New
– Not downloading, newly saved articles are fixed.
– Crashes are already fixed for some tablets.
– Built-in dictionary that enable you to see the definition of the word quickly.
– Bugs are fixed to Text-to-Speech and Many improvements on UI/UX.
– Automatic detection and will speak the correct language of the article.
– The progress will now be showed by the Text-to-Speech notification.
– Rewind or forward in the lock-screen.
– With the “Speak” functionality, it will start speaking the current visible text within the article.

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peppa paintbox app image


The new official Peppa Pig app is here! And it is totally free.

This Peppa’s Paintbox – a drawing app specially designed for the Peppa fans. All of the traditional equipments for drawing are included together with some mystical surprises that even kids will surely love it.

Draw directly to a canvas or you can select a character of background in order to color in. Geoge and Peppa will show up once in a while to check on how you are doing. Once your drawing is done you can have your own exhibit at the school of Peppa.

App Features:
– 7 colors paintbrush
– 7 colors paint tin
– 39 prop stickers and characters
– 10 stickers all are animated
– 6 mystical drawing tools
– 3 backgrounds – Peppa
– 3 characters to be colored in
– Eraser
– You can choose to play with George and Peppa
– Exhibition area at the wall of the school of Peppa
– You can save your completed work to camera roll
– No in-app payments and no advertisements. It’s just a lot of painting enjoyment.

What’s New
– Added Italian localization.
– Added Spanish localization.
– Improved on performance.
– Fixed permissions.

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Houzz Interior Design Ideas app image


This the so-called Wikipedia of exterior and interior design by the CNN, Houzz gives the people all the necessary things they need to enhance the beauty of their homes from the start to finish.

Be inspired with more than 2 million of high-resolution design photos.

Search for photos by the style, location and room; then save your favorite designs and photos to ideabooks to make it more easy to search, share and save ideas.

– Houzz Interior Design Ideas was on the first list of best apps for home improvement by the New York Times.

– For the Washington Post, the Houzz app is one of the single best resource for finding inspiration.

The use of the Houzz App together with the services that are provided by the app are all subjected to the terms of use – www.houzz.com/termsOfUse.

What’s New

– Search issues are fixed

– Bugs are fixed.

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Duolingo Learn Languages Free image


Learn any language for fun and always for free. Learn German, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, English, Irish, Dutch and Portuguese.

-This is the Google Play’s 2014 and 2013Best of the Best.

– Duolingo: Learn Languages Free is the Apple’s App of the Year for 2013.

-You cannot beat Duolingo when it comes to practicing and learning a language app. – PC Magazine. The awarded editors’ Choice for Language Learning.

-The best free app on learning of the languages so far. – The Wall Street Journal

– Duolingo will hold of the secret to the future of the education. – TIME Magazine

– This is the most productive way of procrastination I have ever been discovered. There are short lesson blocks that are peppy and painless as it reaches to the next level and will become so addictive. – Slate

– We have tried some other ways like a book of learning and Rosetta Stone but both of them are bombed. That is the reason why I jumped on trying the Duolingo. Believe me it is very addictive. – FluentIn3Months.com

App Features:

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free is making a great difference in the way the people learn different languages.

– It is completely free -for real. No ads, no fees and no gimmicks at all. The education without the price tag but of a quality college language education.

– It is a fun learning process. Lose your heart when you have an incorrect answer, take it in advance by completing the bite-sized lessons at a time. You can track your improvement with bright achievements.

– It is improving constantly. We measure how good your learning on Duolingo by busting out the lab coats on a regular basis. You experiences on learning only get better and better as time goes by.

If you wanted to learn German, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Irish and Dutch with fun, fast and absolutely free, then there is none other choice to have than with Duolingo: Learn Languages Free.

You can send any feedback to us at android@duolingo.com
You can use on the web – Duolingo – www.duolingo.com
You can buy Duolingo gears on www.gear.duolingo.com

Connect with us on:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/duolingo
Twitter: www.twitter.com/duolingo
Google+: www.plus.google.com/+duolingo

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Pancake-the game featured image

Everybody loves Pancake. Have you ever think about how many times you can flip the pancake on a pan before you will finally drop it? Certainly you never do this at home. Pancakes are nice and delicious, you will only wasting it if you do. On Pancake – The Game, try to flip the pancake infinitey and we will see how far you can go.


Just flip the pancake endlessly on the pan as many as you can. That’s the only thing to do it!
Only one button and the action will go on.

Toss the pan!!
Then catch the pancake!!
Toss the pan!!
Then catch the pancake!!
No hard thing seriously – that’s the basic thing to do.

What’s New

You’re looking for something to unlock, you’ll get them now.
With a highscore of 30, 20 and 10, you will get a new pancakes and arms.

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five_nights_at_freddy's 3 featured image


After Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed its door for business, thirty years later this event happened which took on that place and become like a childhood memory or nothing but just only a rumor. The one who owns the-Fazbear’s Fright – the Horror Attraction that were really purposeful to revive the fallen legend and to experience for patrons as authentic as possible and go beyond great extent to look for anything that have survived of the past decades of ruin and abandonment.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 : There were empty shells on the start, the hook, an old paper-plate doll and a hand but later there is an astonishing discovery to be made.

The entertainment now was of a kind of animatronic.

Important Note: The game needs at least a RAM of 512 MB. The devices like the iPod gen 3 or 4 will not work on this game.

Only $2.99 on App Store for iOS

Only ₱131.83 on Play Store for Android

Dot Heroes Woop Woop Ninja featured


Woop! Woop! Ooops! This is it. A game that is easy to learn and very hard to — stop playing to it.
You can use your deal tons of destruction and shuriken in the arena to the monster minion. Upgrade our weapon, dig your treasure, loot a potion, coin, grape and level up then. On this game there are many fun of the rpg components. You can do the combo hit by a critical strike with with poison damage and many more. Stay with your own hero then you will become more powerful sensei-fighter. Level up on online ranking and reveal to your friends the ultimate skill on the leader-board.

The Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja as a cartoon design and has casual colorful game for anybody. Orange-black skin standard has a cool looks but you can reveal the other different skins and present them to friends. Woop Woop!

What’s New
Dot Hero have the re-inforcement from the univers. Unlock the available brand new UFO skin that isavailable now.

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Hangouts mobile featured image


Using Hangouts you can keep in touch with the important people around you. Send your friends messages, begin a voice call or video call for free, and leap the conversation with only one person or even to a group. You can speak more with stickers, emoticons and photos.

App Features:

– You can receive and send messages even text messages on Hangouts (MMS/SMS). You can switch so easy between the types of messages.
– On Group conversation you can include most of your friends up to 100 contacts.
– Express yourself with stickers, emoticon, photos, animated GIFs and maps.
– You can switch any of conversation to a free video call with the group up to 10 people.
– Any phone number is applicable to call to and all the calls to any other people using Hangouts are also free.
– Google Voice account can be connected to your phone number, voicemail integration and SMS.
– Stay in connection with your friends with iOS, android, on the web, then you can sync the chats on all of your devices.
-Send a message anytime to your friends even they are offline.

Important Notes: On ISP and mobile carrier charges may be involved. Every call between Hangouts users are free. You can see our rates on call here – www.google.com/hangouts/rates

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