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Grand Theft Auto III is a sprawling villain epic that could change the world of games.

Welcome to the Liberty City. It is all began here.

The Rockstar games was celebrating its the 10th anniversary as one of the best influential games in all time. The blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes now to mobile devices, giving life to the seedy and dark underworld of Liberty City. A wild casts of different character in the diverse and massive open world comes from every manner of life and freedom to go beyond at will, the Grand Theft Auto III leave the intriguing, ruthless and dark world of crime at your hands.

With the stellar acting voice, a shady-comic storyline plus a phenomenal soundtrack and rebellious open-world game-play, the Grand Theft Auto III is the game that will define the world genre for the generation.

Game Features:
– Stunning visuals and updated character, vehicle models and graphics.
– HD resolution quality.
– Optimized game-play for touch-screen devices
– Controls are customized for mobile platforms.
– Unlimited hours of gameplay.

Supported languages: German, Italian, English, French, Japanese and Spanish

Universal App:
Grand Theft Auto III is supported on Android, iPhone and iPad.

For maximum performance level, we recommend you to re-boot your mobile device after installation and close all other applications when you are playing the Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Year Anniversary Edition.

Port developed by War Drum Studios –

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Join with more than 20 million players and encounter a Hipster Whale’s rapid viral hit that is now available on Google Play and App Store.

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Why is it that the Chicken must cross the road?
Why is it that the Pigeon abandon THAT there?
Why is it that the Specimen 115 capture the cow?
Why is it that the Unihorse consume all the candy?

Game Features of Crossy Road:
– Collect more than 50 pop art inspired and retro-styled characters.
– Endlessly hop over the rivers, train tracks and cross roads.
– Avoid the traffic in the candy wonderland with the Robot.
– Just a simple and pure but innovative game-play.
– Absolutely free.

Notice:  When you have an Android 5.0 Lollipop and still experience the issues of crashing – just disable the ad-blockers then clear out your cache. We are now working on it to fix the issue as soon as possible.

For any suggestions or problems? Contact us at

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Play with the Fruit Ninja Free like you never did before. From the ground up this original legendary slicing-game was rebuilt and the newly fresh characters and game-play keep fans alike.

The biggest improvement to Fruit Ninja Game since its launch the unique effects of all the Dojos and Blades on the game-play. Do you want a Great Wave of 10 fruits? Or a bouncing clouds in order not drop any fruits? How about the epic combos by the swirling tornado? Learn and observe all the powers, match and combine your gears and find out what works best for you.

Join the action with the new characters of the amazing-world of Fruitasia! Mari together with Katsuro will teach you from the start of the game and guide you as you level up from novice bruiser of fruits into as all out slicing-machine.

Slice all the fruits but do not touch the bombs – that is the only thing you need to remember and then you can now plunge into the addictive action of Fruit Ninja. You can also explore and learn the nuances of the Classic, the Zen and the Arcade mode to make you even skillful. Do slicing for a high score – you can use the special bananas and power-ups to maximum effects. Just go crazy with the multiple slice of Pomegranate.

There’s nothing been a better times in playing Fruit Ninja – draw your sword to see the new features in the game and start it all. This can only be a beginning – we cannot wait for everybody to join with us.


This fun game includes optional in app purchase. But you can disable this function on the settings menu of your mobile device.

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The continuation to the well-known Facebook breaking hit with more than 40-million users worldwide.
The Shadow Fight 2 is a classical Fighting and nail-biting combination of RPG. This game allows you to provide your character with various deadly weapons and unique sets of armor, and many other features of realistic animated techniques of Martial Arts. Beat all your enemies, discomfit the demon bosses, and be the best one to direct of the Gate of Shadows. Are you able to sweep your way to victory by having the ability to punch, slash, jump and violent kick? Find the only way out.
– Embark into the epic combat series, with startling realistic details with the all new animation program.
– Destroy all your enemies by the thrilling instinctive controls, compliments to the all-new
fighting user interface especially developed for touch-screens.
– Travel throughout 6 different worlds of hostile demons in this packed-of-action, with adrenaline rush RPG combats on and on in the immersive and an intriguing storyline.
– Modify your own fighter, armed it with armor suits, nunchaku, magical powers, epic swords and many more.

The battle is just begun.

What’s New for Android
On this new update you will have:
Act VII – chapter two that is now available! Proceed on to your journey to powerful Titan and try to learn truths about your companions.
Optimization improved:
– Bugs are fixed.
– Minimal loading time of application.
– Display of Ad are fixed.
– Fixed the download issues.
– Also the progress loss issue are fixed

What’s New in Version 1.9.0 – iOs
This recent update contains of:
– Capability to fight again to any battle that you have already won.
– Several bugs are fixed and the performance are optimized.

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The Candy Crush Saga – from the creators of the Farm Heroes Saga and the Pet Rescue Saga.

This is the sweetest game ever.

Enjoy together with Mr. Toffee and Tiffi on their sweet experience throughout the Candy Kingdom. Go beyond level 50 in order to unlock the Dreamworld and to escape the reality close to the side of an owl Odus. Change and match your path directly through the hundreds of different levels on this tasty puzzle advent. Is it not the delicious game around?

You can take this tasty sweet Saga alone or you can play with your friends and see who can take the highest score.

Candy Crush Saga is absolutely free but in some cases on the game items, purchase will be required for an extra lives or moves.

You can put off the purchase feature on your device setting and disable the in-app purchases.

– Tasty candy graphic arts that allow you to remain hungry for more.
– Unveil the delicious environments and encounter the sweetest characters.
– Magical boosters are there to help you with every challenging levels.
– Complete every adventurous levels to unlock the treats.
– Very easy and enjoyable to play, challenging to learn and to master.
– 100 different levels of adventure in the Candy Kingdom plus additional levels every two weeks.
– Watch your competitors and friend on Leaderboards.
– Sync the game easily between other devices and to unlock the full game features as it is connected online.

What’s New
Be ready for the close encounter of sugary kind in the brand-new update.
From the silent corner of the universe- all the way, the Candy UFO came as an ally in order to save the day. Some new friend starting to appear on the latest episode – Gummy Galaxy. 15 new levels (846-860) were included of sweet fun for you to enjoy.
To download don’t forget to choose the latest version of Candy Crush Saga to access all the newest features!

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Shatter through the ceilings, save the princesses and try to escape from the boiling hot lava as you sweep your way to the highest point of the Knightmare Tower.

• “The Knightmare Tower game hooked me for more than hours, and I have to force my own self to stop playing” –
• “There were triple-A, a $60 games which pale in the comparison for the enjoyment that we got from the Knightmare Tower” –
• “It is easy to play and could be bizarrely addictive” –
• “This is one of few games that will be equally in home on App Store or even in Xbox Live Arcade” –

– Modes : Survival and Campaign modes.
– Ten princesses to be rescued, all the daughters of the King.
– Lots of upgrades, even the visual changes of swords, boots and armors.
– One epic – boss battle.
– 70 quests need to be completed.
– 50-plus of diverse monsters to beat up.
– 3 of legendary monsters that can only be summoned up with the special horns.
– Huge bombs that can blow apart every monsters.
– Potions that can make you as super strong.
– Rockets that are rideable.
– Game soundtrack was done by HyperDuck Soundworks.
– More about this game on

What’s New for Android
– Performance problems are fixed on some of recent devices.

What’s New in Version 1.3.3 for iOs
– Bugs are fixed in Survival mode.
Note: This game is not supported with iPod 3&4, iPhone 3GS and iPad 1, they do not have enough memory or gyroscope.

Only $2.99 for iOs

Only $2.99 for Android

The Temple Run as a divergent mobile app gaming. Currently getting much of the thrilling experience of running, sliding, jumping and turning that surely you will love in the Temple Run 2.

Explore the dangerous cliffs, risky zip lines, unsafe forest and mines as you’re trying to flee having the cursed idol! How far could you go?

This addictive Temple Run is even better as the Temple Run 2 now available for Android. Most of your friends are enjoying it – try and beat off their high scores.

You have taken the cursed idol off from the temple. You have to run faster as you can for your life in order to break free from the Evil Demon Monkeys nibbling you behind. Prove your reflex responses as you run going down on the ancient temple walls along perilous cliffs. Just swipe to jump, slide, and turn in order to overcome obstacles. Collect the coins and purchase power ups. You can unlock other new characters and try them to see how far you can go!

Temple Run has the scene like in the adventure movies, that the hero was finally obtain the treasures on his hands but needs to get out to a maze of dangerous traps. It’s thrilling and amazing.

– Improved new graphics.
– Beautiful new animate environments.
– Challenging obstacles.
– More additional power ups.
– Many things to achieve.
– Every character has a special powers.
– Gigantic monkey!

What’s New in Version 1.14 for iOs?
You can gather all the artifacts of St. Patrick’s Day in order to open St. Patrick’s Day exclusive hat.
Go with the luck of the Irish and then collect all 4 leaf clovers before they’re gone.


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Game Description

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game where you can start from raging Barbarians with delightful beard to incendiary wizards. Build your own clan and march your army to victory. Raise a village to defend every marauder, fight over the other millions of users online and produce a stronger clan together with others to defeat enemy clans.

PLEASE NOTIFY: The Clash of Clans is downloadable and free, yet there are selected items in which you need to purchase them. This feature can be disregard when you set up a password protection for your purchases in Google settings Play Store App. You must be a 13 years old at least before you can download and play – under the Terms, Privacy Policy and Services of Clash of Clans.

Required a stable internet connection.

Outstanding FEATURES
● Construct your villages for strong and unstoppable fortress.
● Create your own force of Barbarians, Hog Riders, Dragons, Archers,  Wizards, and other powerful fighters.
● Battle with different users around the world and lay hold of their Trophies.
● Ultimate Clan is possible when you join to other players.
● Battle against competing clans on epic clan wars.
● Raise different and unique 18 units with several levels of upgrades.
● Develop your strongest attacking troops from various combinations of armies, Heroes, Clans and spells reinforcements.
● Protect your village by a number of Cannons, Towers, Bombs, Walls, Traps and Mortars.
● Battle in the campaign by the realm against the Goblin King.

New Features on Clash of Clans Game

Level Up the Clans!!
– You can earn prestige, fancy badges and perks when the clan is leveling up.
– The Cannon packs level 13 can take and punch more damages.
– Your Clan can have a full control of battle with Clan Wars Opt-in and Opt-out.
– Modify your badge with Clan badge editor.

Free Download on for Android

Free Download on for iOs(iPhone, iPad).

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You can Download the new episode of the series “The Walking Dead” which is “400 Days” that is AVAILABLE NOW!!


Compatible with and iPhone 4 ++ and iPad 2 ++ (it will not work on devices with earlier versions)

Mtv Geek –– ‘One Hell of a Ride’
Joystiq  –– ‘Narrative Mastery’
Digital Trends  –– 10 out of 10 – ‘Just play it’

This notable episode in the season 1 of “The Walking Dead” talk about the 5 connected storyline of survival focuses on the highway of Georgia on a truck stop.

“400 Days” episode shows mostly on horror and drama as an award-winning series by Robert Kirkman and Telltale.

  • Play the “400 Days” – The one of a kind game after your app purchase.
  • Ensure first the “Walking Dead” app installation before to download the 400 Days on your iOs devices.1.After launching the “Walking Dead” Game app then chose “Episode”’ on the menu and select to purchase any of the episodes 2 to 5 and 400 Days, when you refuse that offer, you can chose the “buy” alternative next to the 400 Days. Select “Get” option when you buy the multi pack.2. “400 Days” will automatically be downloaded to your device once you choose to “Get” and confirmed your transaction. When the download is complete it shows “Installed”.
  • After the successful installation, you can hit “Back” and select “Play” to get it started.

– This game is based the award winning book series of Robert Kirkman. It enables the user to encounter a true drama and horror of zombie apocalypse. Moreover, the art and everything are inspired originally from the book. You are likely living out the true happening and like on the actual places and people of the Walking Dead stories.

-An adapted game experiences – your decisions and actions will definitely influence how your play will do on the entire story.

-Rapid action: You will be required to generate difficult actions not only that but you also have to make quick decisions. You will be running out of time when the corpses are striking the door down.

-Thrilling adventure within the five linked episodes with a special one the “400 Days”. The game comprise of immediate decision making, finding solution to the problem, wide exploration and a continual battle of survival in the place govern by the living dead.


1: A New Day
2: Starved For Help
3: Long Road Ahead
4: Around Every Corner
5: No Time Left
6: 400 Days (AVAILABLE NOW)

Walking Dead iOs App

Only $4.99