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bug heroes 2 game


Day-to-day when you are gone, the epic battle of guns, armor and swords outrages on your floors, in your yard and in the counters. Join the world of the incredible Bug Heroes 2.

From the makers of the Heroes & Castles and Block Fortress, here comes the new kind adventure, strategy, defensive gamely and blended by a fast paced action.

Master the unique 25 heroes from the hook wielding pirate Waterbug into the wise and old Aphid sensei, to the champion boxer Bumblebee, to a grenade-launching Worm, to a poison-obsessed Stinkbug and many more. Select and then customize your own squad of two, after it just switch between the two whilst unleashing the variation of strong abilities against your enemies. Fortify your own base, scavenge for the junk and food, level up your own heroes, build turrets, equip them with different armors and weapons to survive. Or else you can put your skills into the test up to 2 by 2 multiplayer competitive battles.

Game Features:

– MOBA-like cooperative and competitive multiplayer.
– Many contents for single player, including the missions, base vs base skirmish mode and an endless mode.
– There are unique 25 heroes to master on form two team.
– Very innovative squad-based game-play that you can control two different heroes at the same time.
– You can level up your Bug Heroes and increase on their skills. You can buy armor, gears and weapons.
– Search and collect for food, then defend it with upgrades and turrets.
– Complete the missions, unlock the host of powerful upgrades and earn stars.
– Master both the ranged and melee combat. Strike your enemies with the swords, swat off the bugs of ledges, explode them from the long range with the magic and guns and many more.
– Tactical game-play, use the cover in order to defeat the enemies.
– More than 75 of varied enemies to battle.

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VVVVVV game app featured image


From the makers of the Super Hexagon, comes the VVVVVV – it strike the indie platformer 2010 – and it is now available on android and iOS versions.

The winner of 2010 Indiecade’s award for the Most Compelling/Fun Game.

It is one of best platformers I have ever played. – Anthony Burch of Destructoid 10/10

This is an incredible game. – Michael Rose of

This is the best videogame that exist and it will leave you in a mess of the memories so diverse and very entertaining in which you can turn over them just like a photo album. VVVVVV is the one of those games. – Quintin Smith – from the Rock Paper Shotgun

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Threes game app featured image


33.3333333333% off for you to download and try to clone by threes.
Threes as a tiny puzzle bits that multiply on you.
2014 Award Winner by Apple Design
– Now you might thinking to delete the Candy Crush Saga. – PocketGamer
– For the game of starring numbers, it is amazingly adorable. – Joystiq
– The game that molds the rules on the brain for with-in 30 seconds. But then it compels you to spend more up to the next two hours of playing the game. – Pocket Tactics
Navigate the little game’s deep challenges and enhance your skill beyond your imagination.
– Endless challenges from the simple game mode.
– Endearing cast of various characters.
– Heartwarming sound track.
– There’s No IAP – This is a satisfying experience the moment you start the game.
From the creators of PUZZLEJUICE
– Asher Vollmer the designer.
– Greg Wohlwend (Ridiculous Fishing, Hundreds) the illustrator.
– Scored by Jimmy Hinson – Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 2.
– Android by Hidden Variable (Bag It!, Tic Tactics)

The Threes grows with you and you will grow with the Threes.

What’s New
– Finished Campaign (PRODUCT)RED™
– Major bugs are fixed.
– The boost now was disabled by default.
– This would be a learning experience.

Thanks for playing. We don’t really feel at ease by interrupting you on your game experience, to ask for comments and reviews, but we are really glad to know about your feelings and experiences about the game.

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minecraft pocket edition featured image


Try to play the new major update on Minecraft – Pocket Edition. A renovation on Minecraft generation. See it for yourself – download it now!
Minecraft game is all about putting blocks in order to build things while having adventures.
This Pocket Edition contain creative modes and survival, infinite worlds, new biomes, mobs, caves, villages and many more. Have multiplayer option through a local Wi-Fi connection. You can craft, explore and build anywhere around as long as your fingers are available and a long battery to burn out.
There is always a better moment to enjoy your Minecraft anywhere.
This is a Universal App. Just pay only once and play on anytime anywhere with your mobile devices.

What’s New
0.10 – Faster, less buggier and prettier.

We have improved all the graphics and increase the performance level. We have no option but to kill off the heaps of bugs all in one major update. Baby animals will not sink when they are trying to swim. Do the update and enjoy the fun.

– Loads of bug are fixed.
– Additional watery-looking water.
– More foggy-looking fog.
– More particles than ever before.
– Tinted-lighting on mobs and terrain.
– Performance are improved on many mobile devices.
– More fence gates. More fences. Everybody loves fences.
– Gold mines at the Mesa biomes. Be rich immediately.
– Baby animals will not sink when they swim.
– You can play both during the day and night the Creative Mode.
– Added more cool stuffs and you have to discover it for yourself.

Only $6.99 on App Store

Only ₱343.98 on Play Store

Bubble Witch 2 Saga featured image


From the developers of popular Candy Crush Saga comes the Bubble Witch Saga and the updated Bubble Witch 2 Saga.

It is Bubble Bouncing Magic Experience

Help Stella and her cats in fending off the dark spirits which are plaguing to their land. You have to travel the realm by bursting many colorful bubbles as you can on this exhilarating magical adventure. Win every levels and get a free Witch Country one by one.

Play on this epic magical Saga alone or you can also enjoy it with your friends and see who can have the highest score of all.

The Bubble Witch 2 Saga is absolutely free yet in the game there are some items like extra moves or lives that will require a purchase.

The purchase feature can be turned-off when you disable the in-app payments on the settings of your mobile devices.

Game Features:

– The more exciting installment on the franchise of the Bubble Witch.
– There is new and improvised game modes
– Charming and enchanting graphics that will keep you spell-bound.
– More than 100 enchanting levels and more levels are added every two weeks.
– Simple and easy to sync the game between other devices when it is connected to an Internet connection.
– There are Leaderboards in order for you to watch your other friends and competitors on the game.
– There are also special bubbles and boosters to assist to pass over from tricky and hard levels.
– Absolutely free and easy to play. Very challenging to master the game.
– Available to play on tablets and other mobile devices.

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What’s New?

After you helped Morgana in fending off and broke the Hourglass spell, Stella will continue her adventure throughout the Yumanyi Jungle an she needs you to join with her journey.
Play the additional 20 new levels to make it 450 levels all in all.
The New Blocker – the carnivorous plants are the blocking agent of the bubbles. To destroy it just match 3 on the plants.

Notice: Yumanyi Jungle may be magnificent and colorful, but it is a very dreadful place.
Update your Bubble Witch 2 Saga to its latest version in order to have the access to all the newest features.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android

Bus Parking 3D Free featured


Play yourself as professional bus driver on this bus parking 3d free game app. Just follow all the directions in order to find your own parking spot, and then park your bus in the right direction. To reach the possible highest score, park the vehicle as quickly as possible without crashing it. You will lose the game if you are unsuccessful to park within the allowed time or crashing the bus 3 times.
The entertaining parking game is now on mobile for Android, iPad and iPhone.
Do you love to drive a bigger vehicle? To park a car is easy, but try to park the big bus. Controls runs smoothly, vehicles physics are realistic and a very challenging parking missions.

Test your skills on parking and real driving.
This game is FREE and ad-supported version.

You can get the full version for more levels of fun below:

Do you need help with regards to Bus Parking 3D game? Please search for “Bus parking 3d” on Youtube. Visit the link query below:

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Free Download on for Android


Obtain the official application of YouTube for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, android and any tablets. Be updated with your favorite channels and delight on the world’s largest videos and music collection. Look over what are the world is watching about most of the time. Including from the newest music videos and to what is trending on news, entertainment, health, gaming, and more. Subscribe to a particular channels you love, watching on any devices and it’s working on any device.
Your Way YouTube :

Youtube, your own way
– Discover new videos and useful channels with recommendations for you.
– Bring your videos from your mobile devices to Chrome cast. This is another connected game consoles to TV devices.

Enjoy Boundless Basic
– Search the songs you love most on your new-personalized music home-page.
– The YouTube Mix, is not the infinite playlist of songs with unlimited skips
– Explore the world’sumbit on YouTube’s enormous music catalog.

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piano tiles featured image


– #1 Free-game in over 40 countries
– top 10 free-Game in over 100 countries

On Piano Tiles you have to watch your moves, do not touch any of the white tiles. This is the only important rule on this addictive game-play. Sounds so easy, right? Try it for yourself and find out how far you can go against to your friends.

Game Features:
– Charming piano soundtracks.
– Playlist are customizable.
– Over 35 amazing game modes.
– Multiple color themes and many color options.
– Smoother game-play.
– Updated for high resolution screen
– Social-network sharing option.

We always love to hear all your comments and suggestions. We have got much of improvements and have new features in mind, so stay connected with us.

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Wrong Way Racing featured image


Have you been to wrong way racing? How many laps can you go before your car burst to smaller chunks of metal and flames?

How to play the game:
– You are with the black car.
– To change lanes just tap it.
– Try to avoid all other cars.

Game Features:
– One tap game-play
– 3D Graphics
– With Oval Laps Leaderboard
– Boundless laps Leaderboard
– Off-road Laps Leaderboard
– Achievements on Laps

What’s New to Wrong Way Racing

– The off-road tracks are new.
– Truck vehicle are new also.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android

Subway Surfers Feature image


Run as fast as you can.
Avoid the on-coming trains.
Help Tricky, Fresh and Jake escaped from the grumpy-Inspector and his dog.

– Crush the trains with your cool crew.
– Vivid and colorful and HD graphics.
– Hover board Surfing.
– Paint-powered jetpack.
– Just as a lightning-fast swipe acrobatics.
– Help and challenge your friends.

Join now the most fearless chase.

This is a universal App with optimized HD graphics.
By : Kiloo and Sybo.

What’s New:

– The top run issues are fixed.
– Corrected issues in relation to the character screen.
– Joining the World tour of Subway Surfers in wonderful India.
– Racing through Mumbai with Jay – the athletic champion on the colorful streets.
– Trying your luck with the Mystery Boxes in order to reach for the thrilling Mystery Maestro awards.
– Boost your collections with new Board Upgrades and the limited Bengal board.
– Great prizes awaits you in Weekly Hunts by finding the hidden lotus flowers on tracks.

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