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Military Madness game image

Similar to other strategy games, this Military Madness allows you to gain equilibrium on your defenses and offenses. Protect your battle forces and tanks from the attack of the opponents, while you are positioning your defense to prepare to a counterstrike.
The Original Strategic Game-play

Military Madness: Neo Nectaris is the origin of the strategy based games that stays so right with its paradigm game-play. Outstanding players who are protecting their own units faithfully, at the same time they maintain an offensive stronghold.

The Touch of Command

Manage your soldiers like no other. Touch on the controls on the screen to allow you to move at the high speed across the screen and to select the units easily.

Newly Equipped Company

The Military Madness: Neo Nectaris is the best sounding and best looking version on the iPad touch and iPhone. The visuals are improved and there is new musical sound for more enjoyable strategy game experience.

Complete Package

The extreme strategy gameplay is now 48 levels.

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Ops Battleforce 2 game image


The opponents are invading our home-land. Order the land troops, the sea assets and the air forces to advance and defend the base to vanish away the enemies.

The Ops Battleforce 2 is a 3-dimentional action-strategy game in which you are fighting against the foes on single player operation and multi-player battle campaigns.

Control the modern action units in the real time warfare. Obtain experiences and medals, rise to the positions and unlock new special weapons to move out the group of invaders. Fight the battle to victory.

Game Features:

– Train, level up and control over 24 air-force assets, navy forces and armies.
– Defeat the base headquarter other players to win and gain the reputation with experience points on the multiplayer battle mode.
– Realtime strategic battle – mark the way to lead the armies and attack oponents automatically.
– Completely 3D terrain and models – to constitute the actions carefully, you can rotate the battle map.
– Maximize the power of every type of weapon to a successful combined forces attack.
– Position strong defense force to guard the base when you are away. Set up another stronghold, charge, guard for every unit.
– 80 level up from the position of 2nd Lieutenant to rank an ultimate 3 star Lieutenant General.
– A bonus of missions’ story based campaigns.
– Join the competitionon the global leader-board in order to become a top commander.

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kingdom clash game image


Vanquish all your foes and extend the scope of your Throne on thisfree strategy game.

Direct your armies and protect it against other players and attack those evil forces that are sent by the king of Iron Swarm.

Govern your Empire, develop your troops and equip the stronghold of your castle with various special weapons.

Game Features:

– Defeat all your enemies with the Watchtowers, Lighting Cannons and Fireball Catapults.

– Fight the other players worldwide for the kingdom’s glory and for more treasures.

– Develop the ultimate fantasy TD stronghold in order to conquer all your enemies.

– Take hold on MMO features astroop donation to expand the area of the kingdom and the real-time chat.

– Join the elite alliances to vanquish the enemies together. Forge your alliances of players in order to reign over your foes.

Important note: Kingdom Clash is applicable to an online action only. Your mobile device should have an internet connection to enjoy the game.
What’s New

The alliance
Alliance battle: Secure your Alliance against to the others for Gems and Glory.
Begin with an Alliance War and under the global tab and win as many fight as you can for 12 hours.

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Castle Clash game image


Castle Clash belongs to the Top 10 mobile game in the US.

This is also one of the top 2014 strategy –games.

Generate and fight on your way in the Castle Clash for glory. It’s a combination of exhilarating combat and a fast paced action strategy of epic part of game. Lead the troops of mythical characters and employ the legions of Heroes that are mighty. Be the greatest of all Warlord, endure the battle to the top.

Your kingdom define how strong you are and shows about your creativity. More than 70 million of different players around the world. It is always the right time to clash.

Available now in Japanese, Italian, French, Korean, Russian and German.

Unique Features of the Game:

– Defeat the back hordes in here be Monster of the vicious enemies.

– Construct and strengthen your fortress to be impenetrable.

– Make the ultimate troops from many different armies.

– Position your Heroes in the Arena against with the other players in the game.

– Make your own medieval association and guide it to the glory of victory on the Torch Battles.

– Conquer other Team Dungeons by joining with the other players.

Email us to with your IGG ID for help.

New Updates:

-Additional new feature on decorations for the Valentine’s Day.

– Additional new 3 titles for the players.

– Additional button to remove the Crests that are inlaid.

– In the warehouse the items can be used on bulk.

– For Guild Chat and Private Messaging, the voice chat can be used.

– The Expert Dungeon search has been included to the Quest Board.

– Pixie the new Hero.

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kings empire featured image


Join with other players worldwide to defeat the enemies and to take control on the territory in King’s Empire.

– Join with millions of users around the world with the game that are loved by players all around even across the 7 seas.

Game Features:

Make allies with the other kingdom and work together to have control and weekly or daily you can win more prizes on the events.

Meet, interact and communicate with other players with the alliance chat and the world chat features.

Customize and build your own empire in order to suit on the style of your play.

Do a research for train units and technologies to defeat completely the enemies.

Take the control and assault with strategic moves on the King’s Empire in order to gain the overall territorial control.

Improve your ability, the technologies and the buildings to develop and enlarge your influence.

It’s about 100 years from the time the empire was devastated by the invaders. Within that century the people on the kingdom are waiting for someone to lead them and to bring back our kingdom into glory. Maybe you are the one we are waiting for. So, take the throne and lead us into greatness, then you will accomplish your destiny.

Gather the resources in order to redevelop our cities. Call up for armies and train them, do research for better technologies and unite with other players or compete with them to vanquish the enemies.

King’s Empire was featured by the Apple many, many times. This game is the mobile’s utmost depiction of strategic medieval setting of multiplayer game.

Take the empire and start your journey from the little township into a great kingdom.

What’s New
– Together with their legendary skills the heroes are coming to Ayres.
– Another deliberate Expedition Battlefield is now about to start. The epic battle between on the 3 different camps is now on.
– There is new bonus system for card to make sure you will get more gems.
– Bugs are fixed.

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King of Thieves featured image


Avoid the traps and take the gold of other players on this one of a kind mix of PVP multi-player and plat-former game.

From the outstanding creator of the award winning game “Cut the Rope” that are enjoyed by millions of users around the world, now unveiling the “King of Thieves”.

Steal Those Shiny Things
Gather more gold and also gems from all other players in order to be the richest thief of the world.

Protect Your Stolen Properties
Plan your own dungeons and keep watching other thieves to get into your traps. Whahaha!!

Claim The Dominion
Join the competition with other users around the world. Strive to leave your opponent below of the leader-boards.

Be Clever
Make new attire for your character. Most of the skillful thieves should always be look so cool and fashionable.

Explore and Travel
Try and prove your agility on diving to the underground place of player created content and by the 80 levels of single mode.

Join The Guild Or You Can Create Your Own.
Look for reliable allies in order to fight against the hostile groups of other thieves.

Join with the group, check the recent news and find friends:

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Pancake-the game featured image

Everybody loves Pancake. Have you ever think about how many times you can flip the pancake on a pan before you will finally drop it? Certainly you never do this at home. Pancakes are nice and delicious, you will only wasting it if you do. On Pancake – The Game, try to flip the pancake infinitey and we will see how far you can go.


Just flip the pancake endlessly on the pan as many as you can. That’s the only thing to do it!
Only one button and the action will go on.

Toss the pan!!
Then catch the pancake!!
Toss the pan!!
Then catch the pancake!!
No hard thing seriously – that’s the basic thing to do.

What’s New

You’re looking for something to unlock, you’ll get them now.
With a highscore of 30, 20 and 10, you will get a new pancakes and arms.

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five_nights_at_freddy's 3 featured image


After Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed its door for business, thirty years later this event happened which took on that place and become like a childhood memory or nothing but just only a rumor. The one who owns the-Fazbear’s Fright – the Horror Attraction that were really purposeful to revive the fallen legend and to experience for patrons as authentic as possible and go beyond great extent to look for anything that have survived of the past decades of ruin and abandonment.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 : There were empty shells on the start, the hook, an old paper-plate doll and a hand but later there is an astonishing discovery to be made.

The entertainment now was of a kind of animatronic.

Important Note: The game needs at least a RAM of 512 MB. The devices like the iPod gen 3 or 4 will not work on this game.

Only $2.99 on App Store for iOS

Only ₱131.83 on Play Store for Android

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monster doors image


If you are looking for a quick-paced game shooting game to satisfy that gaming instinct, this is right for you. This game is also specifically designed with mobility in mind. You’ve got not to look over afar. Download and start “Monster Doors!”- from the start you play on it , you will worry about how to restrain yourself of playing.
Examine some of the Korean testers testifying about:
“It is extremely an addicting game -the two hours of playing is just like flying by”
“This is just a simple game yet I am so surprised at how fun it is”
“It reminds me of the happy times I keep on going back to the gallery. I can’t control of myself to play it.”
This is a combination of the classic shoot’em ups, classic shooting galleries and the Monster Doors rushing itself to the app store for fun and very exciting game to those on-the-go.

The Game Features:
1. There are 5 characters and each of them has their own instinctive control mechanics. You can unlock all without spending a single penny.
2. There are 180 more colorful and very exciting stages. Rewarding and a challenging game-play.
3. Dangerously thrilling boss Battles are designed to challenge your mind throught the dangerous and thrilling boss. The battle are there to challenge you.
4. You have ranked the dungeons in order to compete with other friends and present who got the higher score.
5. Many loads of related contents, from the unique pinger to artifacts. To become the greatest ghost hunter in the lands.

Customer service:

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Dot Heroes Woop Woop Ninja featured


Woop! Woop! Ooops! This is it. A game that is easy to learn and very hard to — stop playing to it.
You can use your deal tons of destruction and shuriken in the arena to the monster minion. Upgrade our weapon, dig your treasure, loot a potion, coin, grape and level up then. On this game there are many fun of the rpg components. You can do the combo hit by a critical strike with with poison damage and many more. Stay with your own hero then you will become more powerful sensei-fighter. Level up on online ranking and reveal to your friends the ultimate skill on the leader-board.

The Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja as a cartoon design and has casual colorful game for anybody. Orange-black skin standard has a cool looks but you can reveal the other different skins and present them to friends. Woop Woop!

What’s New
Dot Hero have the re-inforcement from the univers. Unlock the available brand new UFO skin that isavailable now.

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