Build Your Skills to Victory- Clash of Clans

Build Your Skills to Victory- Clash of Clans

Game Description

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game where you can start from raging Barbarians with delightful beard to incendiary wizards. Build your own clan and march your army to victory. Raise a village to defend every marauder, fight over the other millions of users online and produce a stronger clan together with others to defeat enemy clans.

PLEASE NOTIFY: The Clash of Clans is downloadable and free, yet there are selected items in which you need to purchase them. This feature can be disregard when you set up a password protection for your purchases in Google settings Play Store App. You must be a 13 years old at least before you can download and play – under the Terms, Privacy Policy and Services of Clash of Clans.

Required a stable internet connection.

Outstanding FEATURES
● Construct your villages for strong and unstoppable fortress.
● Create your own force of Barbarians, Hog Riders, Dragons, Archers,  Wizards, and other powerful fighters.
● Battle with different users around the world and lay hold of their Trophies.
● Ultimate Clan is possible when you join to other players.
● Battle against competing clans on epic clan wars.
● Raise different and unique 18 units with several levels of upgrades.
● Develop your strongest attacking troops from various combinations of armies, Heroes, Clans and spells reinforcements.
● Protect your village by a number of Cannons, Towers, Bombs, Walls, Traps and Mortars.
● Battle in the campaign by the realm against the Goblin King.

New Features on Clash of Clans Game

Level Up the Clans!!
– You can earn prestige, fancy badges and perks when the clan is leveling up.
– The Cannon packs level 13 can take and punch more damages.
– Your Clan can have a full control of battle with Clan Wars Opt-in and Opt-out.
– Modify your badge with Clan badge editor.

Free Download on for Android

Free Download on for iOs(iPhone, iPad).


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