Be The Great Commander Of The Troops On Ops Battleforce 2

Be The Great Commander Of The Troops On Ops Battleforce 2

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The opponents are invading our home-land. Order the land troops, the sea assets and the air forces to advance and defend the base to vanish away the enemies.

The Ops Battleforce 2 is a 3-dimentional action-strategy game in which you are fighting against the foes on single player operation and multi-player battle campaigns.

Control the modern action units in the real time warfare. Obtain experiences and medals, rise to the positions and unlock new special weapons to move out the group of invaders. Fight the battle to victory.

Game Features:

– Train, level up and control over 24 air-force assets, navy forces and armies.
– Defeat the base headquarter other players to win and gain the reputation with experience points on the multiplayer battle mode.
– Realtime strategic battle – mark the way to lead the armies and attack oponents automatically.
– Completely 3D terrain and models – to constitute the actions carefully, you can rotate the battle map.
– Maximize the power of every type of weapon to a successful combined forces attack.
– Position strong defense force to guard the base when you are away. Set up another stronghold, charge, guard for every unit.
– 80 level up from the position of 2nd Lieutenant to rank an ultimate 3 star Lieutenant General.
– A bonus of missions’ story based campaigns.
– Join the competitionon the global leader-board in order to become a top commander.

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