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Kingsoft Office App is the world’s most in-demand FREE office suite for mobile devices (more than 300 million downloads).

Totally compatible with any Microsoft Office documents, PDF’s and many other document platforms.
Now applicable to English, German, Japanese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

“It gives Office for iPad, running for its money. Except it does not cost any.” — from CNET
“This is one of the best app.” – USA Today

Outstanding Features of Kingsoft Office App :
– 1 small app (lesser 100 mega-bytes)yet it includes the Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentations.
– Totally compatible with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
– Supports other document formats like ppt, xlsx, xls, doc, rtf, docx, zip, tif and pdf.
– Export the office presentations and documents into a PDF file.
– Rich formatting ability which is very alike to a computer experience- the image editing, colors, fonts and many more.
– Open, edit and save documents right from online storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV and Google Drive.
– Share files with another devices using AirDrop, Wi-fi, AirPlay or DLNA.
– Applicable also for Bluetooth keyboards and wireless printing.

The Writer:
– Compatible to Microsoft Office Word.
– Track changes, spell check and comments are supported.
– Paragraph and rich-text formatting features.
– Insert, resize and crop images rightly on your documents.
– Command Find & replace.
– Save as to docx, doc or pdf.
– Many more.

The Presentation:
– Compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
– Multiple new Presentation designs.
– Multiple animations & many transition effects.
– Insert, resize and crop images rightly on your documents.
– View your work in a presenter mode.
– Touch-controllable laser pointer.
– New ink-feature that allowing you to draw on the slides while doing the presentation.
– Share your Presentations directly using AirDrop, Wi-fi, AirPlay or DLNA.
– Save as to pdf or ppt formats.
– Many more.

The Spreadsheets:
– Compatible to Microsoft Office Excel.
– Open various worksheets simultaneously.
– Pre-defined formulas to be used or you can write down your own.
– Add useful pictures and charts directly into the presentation.
– Filter & sort columns and rows.
– Freeze panes command.
– Save as to xlxs or xls.
– Many more.

For more details and features, visit now at

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Instagram app is another simple way in capturing and sharing every moments of your life. Let your day-to-day photos and videos transform into a touch of art and let everybody appreciate it by sharing them to your friends and family.

Take a glimpse of the world through another’s sight by following the people you’ve been known photographers, celebrities, other inspirational Instagrammers, athlete, fashion icons and many more. The time you open Instagram every moment, you will see recent photos and videos of creative personalities worldwide and witness every amazing moments they shared.

More than 300 million of people are using Instagram app to:

– Edit/copy photos and videos with custom-designed filters for free.
– Enhance the attributes of photos like contrast, brightness and saturation as well as the highlights, perspective and the shadows with 10 creative advanced tools.
– Search and find related people to follow on the basis of their account and the photos they share.
– Create videos that are cinematic to look with by the custombuilt stabilization of Instagram.
– Directly share your photos and videos instantly on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and to many more social media networks.
– Follow with the other Instagrammers worldwide and keep yourself updated with every photos and videos they share.
– Send personal and private photos & video messages right to friends.

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The Candy Crush Saga – from the creators of the Farm Heroes Saga and the Pet Rescue Saga.

This is the sweetest game ever.

Enjoy together with Mr. Toffee and Tiffi on their sweet experience throughout the Candy Kingdom. Go beyond level 50 in order to unlock the Dreamworld and to escape the reality close to the side of an owl Odus. Change and match your path directly through the hundreds of different levels on this tasty puzzle advent. Is it not the delicious game around?

You can take this tasty sweet Saga alone or you can play with your friends and see who can take the highest score.

Candy Crush Saga is absolutely free but in some cases on the game items, purchase will be required for an extra lives or moves.

You can put off the purchase feature on your device setting and disable the in-app purchases.

– Tasty candy graphic arts that allow you to remain hungry for more.
– Unveil the delicious environments and encounter the sweetest characters.
– Magical boosters are there to help you with every challenging levels.
– Complete every adventurous levels to unlock the treats.
– Very easy and enjoyable to play, challenging to learn and to master.
– 100 different levels of adventure in the Candy Kingdom plus additional levels every two weeks.
– Watch your competitors and friend on Leaderboards.
– Sync the game easily between other devices and to unlock the full game features as it is connected online.

What’s New
Be ready for the close encounter of sugary kind in the brand-new update.
From the silent corner of the universe- all the way, the Candy UFO came as an ally in order to save the day. Some new friend starting to appear on the latest episode – Gummy Galaxy. 15 new levels (846-860) were included of sweet fun for you to enjoy.
To download don’t forget to choose the latest version of Candy Crush Saga to access all the newest features!

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Shatter through the ceilings, save the princesses and try to escape from the boiling hot lava as you sweep your way to the highest point of the Knightmare Tower.

• “The Knightmare Tower game hooked me for more than hours, and I have to force my own self to stop playing” –
• “There were triple-A, a $60 games which pale in the comparison for the enjoyment that we got from the Knightmare Tower” –
• “It is easy to play and could be bizarrely addictive” –
• “This is one of few games that will be equally in home on App Store or even in Xbox Live Arcade” –

– Modes : Survival and Campaign modes.
– Ten princesses to be rescued, all the daughters of the King.
– Lots of upgrades, even the visual changes of swords, boots and armors.
– One epic – boss battle.
– 70 quests need to be completed.
– 50-plus of diverse monsters to beat up.
– 3 of legendary monsters that can only be summoned up with the special horns.
– Huge bombs that can blow apart every monsters.
– Potions that can make you as super strong.
– Rockets that are rideable.
– Game soundtrack was done by HyperDuck Soundworks.
– More about this game on

What’s New for Android
– Performance problems are fixed on some of recent devices.

What’s New in Version 1.3.3 for iOs
– Bugs are fixed in Survival mode.
Note: This game is not supported with iPod 3&4, iPhone 3GS and iPad 1, they do not have enough memory or gyroscope.

Only $2.99 for iOs

Only $2.99 for Android


Faster, enjoyable mobile inbox which settle the emails properly.

Reminder: Accounts are currently for iCloud and Gmail. All other email programs are still on development.

Mailbox App is complete and it is designed to make the inbox faster, lighter and more user-friendly. Actively move messages to trash or to your archives. There is a chat like organization that scans the entire conversation at one. Snooze received emails until you tap the button later. Messages will automatically return to your inbox and let your attention focus on what is important for now.

This updated Mailbox examines your email accurately from the cloud and it will be delivered securely to your phone. The Mailbox is responding from your snoozes and swipes in order to automate familiar actions with Auto-swipe. Conversations you likely doesn’t care about will be put to silent and will only snooze the messages from your friends to this night, and all of your receipts be routed out automatically into a list.

Delight yourself with Mailbox user-friendly interface and has smart and useful features for you. Give yourself an experience of a clean message inbox and surely you will love it more.

What’s New in Version 2.4.1 for iOs
– Improved performance and fixes the bugs.

What’s New for Android
– A support for accounts on DFB
– Support on Tablets
– Badging for Samsung devices

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android

Viber app is all about a new level of communication. You can call or text, choose your own way to connect. All you need is a network or mobile connection, then you can communicate to around 500 million people on the network.

With this messaging app Viber, everybody around the world can freely interact with each other. Viber users can send text messages, create HD quality video calls and phone calls. Sending photos and also video messaging are for free. Viber Out could be used to make some calls to non-Viber phones and low rates for mobile numbers. Viber is now available for many iOs and smartphones programs.

Using Viber, your own phone number is your personal ID. This messaging app will then syncs on your phone contact lists and automatically identify your contacts who are also a Viber user.

– Send texts to your friends.
– Free HD sound quality video calls and phone calls.
– Share voice messages, photos, locations, videos, emoticons and stickers.
– You can create Groups messages up to 100 contacts.
– Following Public Chats – by getting on the inside of your favorite celebrities, preferred brands and personalities. You can see their conversations in real-time basis. You can interact too, sharing multi-media content, comment participation and liking.
– Available stickers for download from Sticker Market in order to make messaging more enjoyable.
– There is a push notifications that enable you not to miss a single call or a message, even so when the Viber is off.
– Support for Viber Desktop app on Linux, Mac and Windows and Windows 8.
Definite locality to: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (SP), Chinese (TR), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Viber is completely free without advertisements.
We focus to value your own privacy.

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The Temple Run as a divergent mobile app gaming. Currently getting much of the thrilling experience of running, sliding, jumping and turning that surely you will love in the Temple Run 2.

Explore the dangerous cliffs, risky zip lines, unsafe forest and mines as you’re trying to flee having the cursed idol! How far could you go?

This addictive Temple Run is even better as the Temple Run 2 now available for Android. Most of your friends are enjoying it – try and beat off their high scores.

You have taken the cursed idol off from the temple. You have to run faster as you can for your life in order to break free from the Evil Demon Monkeys nibbling you behind. Prove your reflex responses as you run going down on the ancient temple walls along perilous cliffs. Just swipe to jump, slide, and turn in order to overcome obstacles. Collect the coins and purchase power ups. You can unlock other new characters and try them to see how far you can go!

Temple Run has the scene like in the adventure movies, that the hero was finally obtain the treasures on his hands but needs to get out to a maze of dangerous traps. It’s thrilling and amazing.

– Improved new graphics.
– Beautiful new animate environments.
– Challenging obstacles.
– More additional power ups.
– Many things to achieve.
– Every character has a special powers.
– Gigantic monkey!

What’s New in Version 1.14 for iOs?
You can gather all the artifacts of St. Patrick’s Day in order to open St. Patrick’s Day exclusive hat.
Go with the luck of the Irish and then collect all 4 leaf clovers before they’re gone.


Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android

Flixter Movie App for Android and iPhone

Flixster is another movie app that provides important advantages compare to other related movie apps as in Rotten Tomatoes rating and other social media integration. This is not just an ordinary movie and theater details application, even like the others it has the list of movies with the ratings and storylines and the time of shows on theater.

Flixster movie app is a well-designed and comprehensible app that gets you efficiently all the necessary information you want to do your movie shows decisions with the easy tickets purchase. Moreover, it allows you to watch movies directly on the app if you’ve purchase it or you have it already on your collections on UltraViolet.


Movies all you want by Flixster. The best movie app for trailers, showtimes and reviews.
– Easy to download.
– Once featured in Essentials Hall of Fame in the App Store by Apple.
– The best app showtime for iPhone

1. Navigate on the top box-office shows and coming soon movies.
2. Browse for showtimes on the theaters near you then you can buy tickets (to those participating movie theaters)
3. Obtain different reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes.
4. View high-quality trailers.
5. Download your favorite movies and you can also stream or access TV shows with your UltraViolet collections. Selected titles are supported by HD playback.
6. On Chromecast you ca watch your UltraViolet collections. Most titles are supported by HD playback.
7. Make your very own list “Want to See” with ratings and movie reviews.
8. Your Netflix queue could also be viewed and managed.

New Features in Version 7.0

– Confirmed latest movies will appear in the fresh icon movie listings.
– Photos are optimized to iPhone 6 and plus.
– Better details pages on theater.
– Bugs are fixed.

Free Download on for iPhone and iPad

Free Download on for Android