A Tiny Puzzle Of Threes That Grows On You

A Tiny Puzzle Of Threes That Grows On You

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33.3333333333% off for you to download and try to clone by threes.
Threes as a tiny puzzle bits that multiply on you.
2014 Award Winner by Apple Design
– Now you might thinking to delete the Candy Crush Saga. – PocketGamer
– For the game of starring numbers, it is amazingly adorable. – Joystiq
– The game that molds the rules on the brain for with-in 30 seconds. But then it compels you to spend more up to the next two hours of playing the game. – Pocket Tactics
Navigate the little game’s deep challenges and enhance your skill beyond your imagination.
– Endless challenges from the simple game mode.
– Endearing cast of various characters.
– Heartwarming sound track.
– There’s No IAP – This is a satisfying experience the moment you start the game.
From the creators of PUZZLEJUICE
– Asher Vollmer the designer.
– Greg Wohlwend (Ridiculous Fishing, Hundreds) the illustrator.
– Scored by Jimmy Hinson – Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 2.
– Android by Hidden Variable (Bag It!, Tic Tactics)

The Threes grows with you and you will grow with the Threes.

What’s New
– Finished Campaign (PRODUCT)RED™
– Major bugs are fixed.
– The boost now was disabled by default.
– This would be a learning experience.

Thanks for playing. We don’t really feel at ease by interrupting you on your game experience, to ask for comments and reviews, but we are really glad to know about your feelings and experiences about the game.

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